Vespa World Days Belfast
June 14th – 17th 2018

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Vespa winners!

Christine Cahoon   Sat 30 Jun 2018   updated: Tue 03 Jul 2018

From Stena Line UKIE, one of the sponsors of Vespa world Days Belfast 2018:

‘We had a fantastic time at the Vespa World Days 2018 event at Titanic Quarter Belfast, We met people from all over the world including Germany, Italy, Sweden and France... We received thousands of entries at the event for our ‘Win a Vespa’ competition, but there can only be one winner…

And the winner is… Johnny Dickey... Congratulations!'


And on Monday 2 July, we did the draw for the raffle for the further four prizes from Vespa World Days Belfast, see video of the draw:

Gala evening tonight

Christine Cahoon   Sat 16 Jun 2018

Anyone with full passes be sure to join us tonight for our Gala Dinner.

An amazing opportunity to get together with our global Vespa family and celebrate over a delicious meal!

Remember it's at 6p.m.

Location: Unit 1 Oakbank, Queens Road, Titanic... just follow the sign posts.

All set up and ready to go for tonight, see video at:

Traffic news during Cavalcade

Christine Cahoon   Sat 16 Jun 2018   updated: Thu 21 Jun 2018

Our local traffic watch has been keeping everyone informed about the Cavalcade to Carrickfergus Castle... Belfast hasn't seen this before!

See twitter feed at:

And the Police service,

"World Vespa Day has reached Carrickfergus as a few thousand enthusiasts hit the road from the Titanic Centre.

The cavalcade stretched from University of Ulster at Jordanstown to the Abbey Centre at one stage."

Video at:

And another video as Vespas travel down through Belfast's city centre:

Saturday morning...

Christine Cahoon   Sat 16 Jun 2018

Reminder that today’s ride out to Carrickfergus will be leaving at 10am today SHARP from HMS Caroline,

It might look a bit wet and miserable now- but don’t worry! The rain is set to clear and we are still buzzing for our BIG ride out to Carrickfergus that is happening today!

Our Vespa village is ready and waiting and we can’t wait to see you all here.

Anyone who wants to can attend if they have a ticket or not!

Latest picture at Titanic as everyone gathers at the meeting point...


Christine Cahoon   Mon 18 Jun 2018

Many thanks to Damian Caddell for this video of the cavalcade and the display at Carrickfergus Castle:

In memoriam

Christine Cahoon   Fri 15 Jun 2018

Brian Finney had been a lover of Vespas. He had a handful of Vespas over his life time and finished his life with three. He also for many, many years had been a member of all the Northern Ireland Vespa clubs and would have went out on rides weekly. He also would have went out on rides with my father, his best friend, another Vespa enthusiast. Sadly, Brian passed away on 14th February 2018 at age 48.

It is with much respect that Brian had an excellent send off at the funeral with over 100 Vespas following behind the hurst up the church driveway.

Our sympathies go out to his family, his Vespa buddies, and most importantly, his brother who now rides Brian's Vespa with Brian's gloves, alone. His family know that this weekend would have been a highlight of his life, hence this short mention.

Our hearts go out to his family, Vespa riding buddies and friends.

Stormy night...

Christine Cahoon   Thu 14 Jun 2018

URGENT. Due to the extreme weather conditions Vespa Village will be closed, an announcement will be made at 11am.

If you're in #Belfast visiting us for Vespa World Day's 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland - our cafe is open this morning if you need to grab breakfast or a coffee while the event team get re-set at Titanic Slipway.

East Belfast Mission - 239 Newtownards Road - Belfast - BT4 1AF


Christine Cahoon   Thu 14 Jun 2018


Unfortunately we are unable to open Vespa Village until we re-set up. A further announcement will be made at 1pm with our intentions to open registrations at 2pm weather permitting. Thank you for your understanding, Mark

Wanting to exhibit?

Christine Cahoon   Fri 19 Jan 2018

Fancy having a trade stand at Vespa World Days in June? We're offering this unique opportunity to local traders to showcase their wares on Belfast's Titanic Slipways on the 14th to 17th of June this year.

The booking information and form is now available online:

If you've any questions that aren't answered in the document, please email: and he will respond to your query in due course.

Thank you all so much!

Mark Cooke   Thu 23 Nov 2017   updated: Wed 13 Dec 2017

Thank you all so much from Team Belfast for becoming involved in Vespa World Days 2018.

1 comment

Julie Pond   Tue 15 May 2018

Just want to put a shout out to Laurance for the champion job he has done with the ticketing of all registered attendees. Such a mammoth job, and I hope you have lots of beers bought for you in a show of appreciation.

I will buy the first one for you...:)

Cheers Julie President VCoA