Vespa World Days Belfast
June 14th – 17th 2018

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During our organisation of this event, we would aim to be working with a couple of local charitable organisations, which we feel would benefit from our input, and raise their profile on a local and UK platform for the hard work that they have achieved and are trying to accomplish.

East Belfast Mission logo

East Belfast Mission

The first organisation would be the East Belfast Mission which is a local organisation working with the community and helping those that need it. They are a port of call for the Homeless or anybody that feels that they are on the verge of being Homeless and need someone to talk to for help and advice. Their work within the Skill and Social Enterprise Hub helps people back into work and tries to address poverty, deprivation and dereliction within the household and the community. Their services include affordable Child Care, Recycling, Cafe, Meals on Wheels, Charity Shops, and their Church for worship, which integrates the community as one and helping each other.

Air Ambulance Northern Ireland logo

Air Ambulance Northern Ireland

The second Charity is Air Ambulance Northern Ireland (AANI, registered charity number NIC103900. Northern Ireland is currently the only region in the UK and indeed Western Europe that is not serviced by an Air Ambulance, there are 36 air ambulance helicopters successfully operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales, dealing with over 20,000 emergency calls per year. Everyday approximately 70 patients are attended to by an Air Ambulance in the UK, with a helicopter taking off to attend an emergency incident every seven minutes. Air Ambulance Northern Ireland is working in partnership with Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and the Health Social Care Board to bring the first HEMS service to Northern Ireland in 2017.